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Briquetting (agglomerates, briquettes, compacts, ... ), and compaction-granulation (granules) processes are technologies of particle size enlargment using a dry process in which dusts or powders are formed into shapes.
A technical solution
puce Obtain products of the same size, volume and weight: an agglomerate/a compact can represent the exact dose required in a process.
puce Obtain a specified and constant product size-range
puce Reduce the volume of a powder
puce Stabilize mixtures of powders: during handling and transport, the heterogeneous mixtures of particles lose their uniformity because of the variation in density, shape and size of the particles. The problems of segregation disappear.
puce Improve the flowability of the powders, thus preventing problems of feed, dosage or packaging.
puce Improve the compactability of some powders.
puce Eliminate the problems of dust generation during handling
puce Control the hardness and strength of products
puce Control the dispersion rate of granules
puce Solve the problems of powder caking during storage.
A commercial solution - Marketing
puce Increase the sales appeal of a product
puce Facilitate dosage use: an agglomerate can represent the exact dose required in a process for ease of exact dosage.
An environmental solution
puce Recycle industrial waste
puce Recycle beneficiated dust in an industrial process
puce Eliminate pollution problems caused by airborne dust : air and ground pollution.
An economical solution

puce Replace the wet process of agglomeration involving costly drying and binder addition techniques
puce Allow more flexibility in the choice of raw materials purchased at the most attractive price (compound fertilizers)
puce Adapt easily and quickly to a wider range of mixed fertilizer formulas
puce Granule products that cannot be granulated by means of other techniques (wet process)
puce Upgrade by-products
puce Reduce the packing, storage and transport costs thanks to a volume reduction and higher density of the product
puce Avoid loss of product in dust form.


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