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Cold Briquetted Iron and Carbon (CBIC) is an innovative product in direct reduction family which was introduced to iron and steel industry in the past few years.

CBIC is the compacted form of Cold Direct Reduced Iron (CDRI) which is produced in direct reduction process. Since Iran is the largest producer of gas-based CDRI in the world, CBIC - as the best solution for CDRI passivation - was developed by an Iranian company named by Tadbir Sanat Asia (TSA).

CBIC is a patented product which is filed and granted in Iran Intellectual Property Office in 2014. The assignee of this patent is TSA (Sahut Conreur's exclusive representative in the Middle East) and Sahut Conreur designs and manufactures the CBIC plants.

CBIC has some advantages over CDRI which include higher density, higher oxidation resistance, lower water absorption and higher capability of carbon content. These advantages not only make its storage and shipment easier and more economic but also, have significant effects on steel-making process.
Experiments have shown that replacing CDRI with CBIC in charging regime of steel-making process (up to 50%) reduces dust generation, energy consumption and tap-to-tap time and improve the productivity of steel-making plant.

Furthermore, another benefit of CBIC compared with other products of DRI family is its adjustable carbon content according to the steel-making plant requirement. In other word, this product provides an innovative solution for high- efficiency carbon addition into steel-making furnaces.

At present, this technology has reached a stage of maturity that the first CBIC industrial-scale plant has been commissioned in Iran in early 2018 and is in operation now. It is worth to mention that all predictions about technical parameters and feasibility of this plant have come true.

Approving CBIC technology in industrial scale and having a wonderful trade opportunity in the international market of iron-bearing materials have drawn attention to this technology and the demand for CBIC is increasingly rising.
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